Argentina Loses Google Country’s Domain after Random Citizen Buys It in Very Cheap Price

Google Argentina’s

An Argentine for a minimum value of $ 5.81 (540 Argentine pesos) bought the country’s Google domain on Wednesday night.

The domain was reportedly created after the previous owner’s license expired on a constant day. As a result, it was briefly cleaned up, News Week reports. “I want to make it clear that I typed in http: //, saw HTTP: // names available, and legally bought them accordingly., tweeted Nicolás Kuroña, the alleged culprit.


According to MercoPress, this type of action is known as” cybersquatting, “which refers to the act of owning, registering, buying, or selling a domain in order to avoid having the name recognized by Benefit The Legitimate Owners It is likely that Google Argentina actually forgot to renew the ar domain and Kuroña saw the opportunity and took it.

“Everything is legal !!”

Kuroña tweeted. MarcoPress once explained this Operation Log. Google Argentina had successfully regained its domain and quickly restored service to users across the region. On a Reddit thread on the incident, one user commented, “If it was a technical problem or it seems that it really was expired to be up for debate here.

Operation Log

Both methods by Google users in Argentina complained that the website was down for almost three hours and assumed a crash inside the server, according to MercoPress.Kuroñas’ tweet later helped clear things up. Another user tweeted screenshots of the website that were not available, blaming nic. ar.

“This is happening because of nic. ar is SO SO SO bad that it doesn’t support auto-renewals or multi-year purchases like most domain registrations in the world,” he tweeted.

The nic. ar website was also closed on Wednesday after users discovered the incident on social media, MercoPress reported.

Newsweek reached out to determined Google, which also failed to fix the incident at the time.It went on to mention that it had quickly regained management of the domain.

Nicolas Kurona

Nicolas was making a website for a shopper at his table on the outskirts of the capital of Argentina on Wednesday night when the story began. He began receiving messages on WhatsApp stating that Google was unavailable.

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