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Zong now offers its customers to buy Zong SIM online by visiting their website. The company promises to provide SIMs purchased online in a few days. In addition, customers can access other services and products through the company’s online platform.

To book a SIM, you have to go to the official page by clicking on the button below.:

There are six types of services and products for you to choose from, including prepaid, postpaid, mobile broadband devices, handsets, SIM replacement, and MNP.

MNPs are SIMs that are converting to Zong. This service is primarily used to convert numbers from other networks to Zong.

Mobile broadband such as 4G devices Zong Bolt It can also be purchased through the same links. Various handsets related to Zong are also available.

If you just need to change your SIM to a new one, then select. “SIM change” Option from the form.

Personal details such as name, address and mobile number are required to continue the online booking process.

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