First-Ever Mobile Phone Tower Installed at K2 Base Camp to Help Climbers

Minister for Tourism Nasir Ali Khan, the Minister for Tourism, created the announcement whereas speaking with media representatives relating to the event at intervals the region. According to reports, the SCO has undraped the world’s fastest net service by erection a mobile tower at very cheap a mountain peak, the world’s second-highest point. The tower’s … Read more

Pakistani Youtuber Mubashir Saddique Featured by Google South Asia

Mubashir Saddique Mubashir Saddique has crossed 2.84 million subscribers to his “cooking reality show” by sharing his family’s secret recipes. He actually ne’er thought his life would take such a daring flip whereas operating as a production manager associate degree exceedingly a very} ball producing works within the near city of Sialkot, Punjab. Pakistani Youtuber … Read more

JazzCash Overtakes Easypaisa because the Leading Mobile money Market

Easypaisa By surpassing Easypaisa’s share of mobile cash users in Pakistan, JazzCash takes the lead within the mobile money market. According to Kantar Public and Karandaaz Pakistan’s money Inclusion Insights Survey 2020, sixty-four % of mobile money users aforesaid they solely used JazzCash, whereas fifty-four percent said they only used Easypaisa. Furthermore, JazzCash’s share of … Read more

Apple Developing a folding iPhone

Bloomberg According to Bloomberg, Apple has reportedly developed folding screen prototypes to check internally, indicating that the corporate is functioning on a collapsable iPhone. Apple However, it doesn’t seem that Apple has completed the construct – associate iPhone Flip we have a tendency toll be} on the way, however, it could be years away. The … Read more

KPK’s Govt Introduce ‘Mustahiq’ App for Zakat Distribution

Anwarzeb Khan Anwarzeb Khan, Minister for charity and begin Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, launched the “Mustahiq” mobile app on weekdays to extend transparency and potency within the distribution of zakat funds in the province. Speaking at the occasion, he same that the final public would be able to acquire comprehensive data concerning the pillar of Islam and … Read more

Govt of Pakistan temporarily blocks all Social Media Apps

Social Media Accounts All social media accounts are suspended in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for a couple of hours, the inside Ministry same during a statement. As per the statement, a short-lived ban has been obligatory on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube, and it remains in … Read more

Fake Netflix App Luring Android Users to Malware

National Information Technology Board The National Information Technology Board warned Android users on Tuesday about a few malware threats posed by a fake Netflix app called “FlixOnline.” “The Netflix app (named) FlixOnline shouldn’t be downloaded. It downloads a malicious file to your computer,” NITB wrote on Twitter. Netflix It also added, “Never use an APK … Read more

Google Chrome browser Gets A Bigger Update Soon

Google Last month, Google announced that so as to enhance browser privacy and to stop third-party applications from spying on your browser habits, it might default to HTTPS starting with version 90. Just a couple of weeks after the announcement, the corporate has unrolled the updated v90 edition of Chrome for desktops and Android. The … Read more