Pakistan Testing Service What is PTS and How to apply for Pakistan Testing Service Tests

Typical online recruitment services can be replaced with PTS. This service provides admission tests for all institutions, including governmental and commercial sector recruiting tests in Pakistan.

PTS provides suitability testing, entry-level assessments, and a merit-based selection process for institutions in the public and commercial sector that ensures fairness and transparency through quality-based evaluations.

How to apply for Pakistan Testing Service Tests





If you are interested in applying for entry tests to gain admission in an academic institution, it is recommended to go through ToRs of the institution for which you’re applying.

It is suggested to use the toRs of the institution for which you apply if you are interested in applying for entry tests at a scholarship institution.

How to fill the pts application form

For the last registration date for the relevant entry and recruitment, you can obtain Application Forms from the PTS website free of charge ( Fill up your downloaded paperwork as directed for registration. After completion of the test fee, send the form to one of the following banks: UBL, ABL, MCB, or HBL at the provided PTS address. The shape looks like this:

Any information submitted in a form that is missing, unsuitable or confusing may lead to delays in the registration process. This may prevent you from taking the test on schedule.

There are common recommendations for you — through the PTS official website. Please read attentively the following points:

You can input the application form into the form in detail and print it out if the application form is in a soft form. You should write the data in black ink and in BLOCK LETTERS in case you have a physical copy.
Download the corresponding test application form as specified.

How to Apply for a job through PTS.

Send them by any postal service – preferably Pakistan Post – to the headquarters, after completing the form, with the needed information.

Note: You have expected a refusal message if you miss any important information on the Registration Form!

You will receive a Call Letter – or a Roll Number Slip after the successful registration of your application. This indicates your roll number, the location of the exam, and a few other important elements. Check them fully to prevent misunderstandings on the trial day.


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