Unit K SUV & Two More Cars are brought to Pakistan by Changan

Crossover SUVs and maybe a pick-up truck will be added to the lineup here in Pakistan, thus Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) is clearly nearing a day when it is captured by the highlight.

MCML has imported three automobiles for road testing into Pakistan in a recent news post on carspiritpk.com. The previously identified vehicles are the SUV Oshan X7, the Cabin pickup truck Hunter Crew, and the SUV mid-size Uni-K.

Unit K SUV & Two More Cars are brought to Pakistan by Changan
Unit K SUV & Two More Cars are brought to Pakistan by Changan

The Uni-K is a medium-size SUV crossover that debuted towards the end of 2020. Although an SUV, the Uni-K is in its class because it has the latest technology and body style and sits only for five people rather than for seven, which is the number of passengers that other SUVs can accommodate in the same category.

As far as designs and appearances are concerned, Uni-K obviously aims to acquire cars that would typically select for a Lexus RX or Audi Q5 Sportback.

It also boasts numerous high-tech elements, including a contemporary entertainment system and a driver display that controls several operations and displays several important pieces of information. Other characteristics include level 3 autonomous driving capabilities, several elements of driver support, many drive modes, and the visibility of 360 degrees, among others.

It is now not possible to promise whether or not the vehicle will be introduced in Pakistan soon as the truck is launched on the Chinese market and still only being sold with left-hand driving. In addition, while demand for SUVs on the Pakistani market is substantial, it is unknown how popular a 5-seater SUV in Pakistan is.

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