Xiaomi to Launch a Smartphone With a 200 MP Camera


One of the key options of any flagship telephone today may be a stellar camera that’s designed to beat the competition.

Xiaomi has been making an attempt to try and do the same. Over the years, the corporate has centered a piece of its R&D on creating its smartphone cameras better.


The sensing element can possibly come back from Samsung and is anticipated to possess a 0.64um unit picture element, however so much lower than the 1.4μm unit pixel space of ​​ISOCELL GN2. However, since we have a tendency to don’t have heaps apprehendledge} regarding the sensor, we don’t know what to expect.

Digital Chat Station 

In addition to this, well-known leakster @IceUniverse recently unconcealed that Samsung is getting to launch a brand new innovative sensing element this year underneath the corporate’s ISOCELL lineup which will have a two hundred MP image sensor. there’s a high likelihood that Digital Chat Station is talking regarding identical sensors.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Moreover, when the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21, the company hinted that it had been developing a 200 MP imaging sensor because the successor of the 108 MP sensor that came with S21.

For now, this can be all we all know however a lot of details are unconcealed soon.

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